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Please complete the Volunteer Application if you are interested in volunteering.
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* Do you travel often? If so, what do you plan to do with the dog while you are away?
* On average, how long will the dog be left alone each day?
* Where will the dog be kept when you are not home? For example, outside in yard, outside in pen, in crate, inside free, or inside in an enclosed area.

* What type of home do you have?
* Do you have a fenced-in yard?
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If you do not have a fenced-in yard, how do you plan to exercise the dog?
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If you own, we will ask you to show us proof of ownership during the home visit.

YOUR PETS (If applicable)
Please inform us about your current pets: include Type, Breed, Name, Male/Female, whether Spayed/Neutered, Age, Years with your family, and Where does he spend most of his time, temperament with dogs, and temperament with people. It is important that you include answers to ALL of these questions.
Please list pets that you have had in the past, (Pets you no longer have in your household): Include Type, Breed, Name, Male/Female, Whether Spayed/Neutered, Age, From what date to what date did you have this pet, Why is this pet no longer with you. It is important that you include answers to ALL of these questions.
Please give us information about your veterinarian(s): Include, Name of animal hospital/clinic, Town/State, Phone Number, Is your pet up to date with vaccines, Whose name is the pet(s) listed under, How often do you take your pets to the vetrinarian? It is important that you include answers to ALL of these questions.
Are your pets microchipped?

* Why have you decided to apply for this particular dog?
* Do you plan on taking your new dog to puppy kindergarten or obedience training. If no, please explain why:
* How often and how will you exercise your new dog?
* Will you crate train your new dog? Would you like more information about this?
* Will you allow your new dog on the furniture?
* Will you walk your new dog off-leash? If yes, please explain:
* Are there any habits that you will not tolerate from your new dog? (For example, barking, chewing, etc.)
* How do you plan on disciplining your new dog? (For example, a smack on the nose, positive reinforcement, a firm voice, or a combination.)
* Can you financially support your new dog? Are you aware of the many costs involved such as nutritious food, medical expenses and accessories?
Do you know anything about the alpha dog or dog pack order?
* Do you want us to keep your application on file for dogs that might match your lifestyle in in the future?
Do you currently have Pet Insurance?
If you adopt, would you be interested in a 30 day free trial of Sheltercare Pet Insurance? Check out www.sheltercare.com.

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 Common misconceptions
 before adopting a dog:
3. Rex never goes outside - he doesn't need annual vaccinations or physicals.

Wrong! Whether or not he spends much time outside, it is required that Rex gets his rabies shots. Rex is also required to have a license with your city. There are other annual shots and seasonal medications that they should get as well.

If you can positively answer these questions and concerns, then you may be ready to adopt Rex.
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