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  • Adopters must be over the age of 21. All adults must be in agreement to adopt a dog. All adults and children are required to be present for the home visit.

  • The dog(s) will be given regular and routine veterinary care, proper nourishment/water and be kept in a clean, healthy and stimulating environment.

  • Dogs cannot be adopted as gifts or as the sole responsibility of a child.

  • No dog adopted through Underdog ResQ will be given away or sold. They must be returned to Underdog ResQ.

  • All applicants with young children will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Dogs that are adopted to families with young children must be known to be good with children.

  • All dogs must wear proper ID (identification, rabies tag, etc) at all times.

  • All dogs must be licensed with the adopter's town.

  • Dogs should not be allowed to roam at large. Underdog ResQ reserves the right to remove a dog from its home if this procedure is not followed.

  • Currently owned pets must be up to date on all vaccines.

  • Adopter agrees to pay the adoption fee of $225 and sign the adoption contract required by Underdog ResQ on the day of adoption.

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     Common misconceptions
     before adopting a dog:
    1. We’re getting Rex for the kids - they will do all the work.

    Maybe for the first week or so, but most kids will slack off soon enough and the responsibility will fall on your laps. You are considered to be the owner because you are over the age of 21. If your kids do not walk Rex, then it is up to you that it gets done. As much as we talk to our kids about responsibility and as much as they agree to care for your new dog, we all know that sooner or later most kids will lose interest or get tired.

    If you can positively answer these questions and concerns, then you may be ready to adopt Rex.
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