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Name:  Isis
Breed:  Pit Bull
Age:  2 years
Sex:  Female
Size:  medium

Isis's Success Story
A note from Isis' foster mom:

Isis is a beautiful blue brindle female of about 2 years old that was "rescued" from her owner as part of a cruelty case. While her puppies we kept and offered up for adoption, she was handed over to a shelter with an "euthanasia" request. Fortunate for Isis this shelter saw the beauty this little girl possessed! They evaluated her, deemed her very much adoptable and reached out to local rescues to see if anyone could save her. Underdog Resq stepped up and rescued this pretty girl. For a little over 3 months Isis lived with me as my foster dog. Here she had a foster feline sister and two foster canine brothers. From the moment Isis got in my car when I picked her up to take her home, I knew she was a special dog. She was so mellow and just kind of went with the flow of life. Isis was an awesome big sister to her two little canine brothers and she never really cared about her feline sister. She was a pleasure to have! After what had seemed like quite some time, Isis finally got an application, one that seemed to be THE perfect application.... I was hopeful! Doing home visits is always a little nerving... I never know what to expect, who to expect.... as I entered the home of Amanda and Todd, I couldn't help but smile and feel 100% comfortable, I kept repeating to myself "this family is awesome". Within a couple days, Isis was on her way to her new home!! There she lives with her new Mommy and Daddy, Grandparents (which I'm sure spoil her) feline sister and big brother Loki. One of the fantastic outcomes of this adoption, is not only did Isis find her forever home, but I found some forever friends. It's true treat to be able to keep in touch with Amanda (her Mom). Amanda said something to me a week or two after she adopted Isis, she said "I can't imagine our life without her"... that is the greatest thing an adoptive parent has ever said to me.... how rewarding!!

A note from Isis' new Mommy, Amanda:

"Just wanted to let everybody at Underdog Resq know how awesome Isis is doing! We've had her a little over a month now, and she has adjusted to everything perfectly! Her and her brother Loki have become inseparable! Her new favorite thing to do is lay on top of him. We've gone on adventures to multiple pet stores, and tons of trail walks! We even brought her to a Pitbull Awareness event in Sanford, ME a couple weekends ago.

We have also started some off leash training in our yard and she's picking up on all the commands pretty fast! She has quite a few commands down already; "sit" "stay" "lay down" "no begging" "on your bed"..well we're still working on the "on your bed", she likes our bed more than hers! Isis has been the perfect addition to our family, her and Loki tire each other out everyday running around our yard, and cuddle up together every night. She wants to do nothing more than give kisses and lay in our laps the second we sit down. We couldn't have asked for a better pup!"

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 Common misconceptions
 before adopting a dog:
1. We’re getting Rex for the kids - they will do all the work.

Maybe for the first week or so, but most kids will slack off soon enough and the responsibility will fall on your laps. You are considered to be the owner because you are over the age of 21. If your kids do not walk Rex, then it is up to you that it gets done. As much as we talk to our kids about responsibility and as much as they agree to care for your new dog, we all know that sooner or later most kids will lose interest or get tired.

If you can positively answer these questions and concerns, then you may be ready to adopt Rex.
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