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Name:  Pippin
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age:  estimated 3 years
Sex:  Male
Size:  Small

Pippin's Success Story
What a treasure Pippin the Pup is turning into. He is something of a worm as he has wormed himself into my heart. He is loving and playful and loves to be touched and touch in return. I am pretty certain that he is both Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound mix. His birthday was 12-9-2010 so he is just turning three years old.

I took him to the groomers and he was extremely well behaved and needed just a basic cleaning and toe nail clip. Then I took him to the Vet for a general check up. He melted the hearts of all of the assistants and even impressed the Vet himself. They all loved the way he prances when he walks. Most "runway models" could take a lesson from him in the way he walks placing one front foot in front of the other giving him that prancing sway to his gate! Heart, lungs, skin, muscle tone and all were in excellent shape and, other than a minor eye infection (being treated with antibiotic drops) he gets a clean bill of health. Apparently, he was fed "junk" according to the Vet. Too much wet and not enough dry food so he has a bit of tartar build up and will be getting a tooth cleaning soon. I have shifted him to mostly dry kibble and tartar control chew sticks in place of canned wet food and he is thriving well on it.

He is very much a warm companion and well worth my time, money and...mostly...love.

He was a foster that I just couldn't let go of! Although we will continue fostering and caring for our other animals, he is definitely mine and I am his.

Fostering and adopting is very worthwhile and everyone who really wants a great pet should do it that way. What a waste it would have been to have such a wonderful friend lost to euthanasia just because someone threw him away!

He is also great with the grandkids, friends and family. He is gradually getting over the shaking fear he had with each new change and acclimates well now.

I am very grateful to Underdog ResQ that he came to me. We will be together for many years too come.

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 Common misconceptions
 before adopting a dog:
1. We’re getting Rex for the kids - they will do all the work.

Maybe for the first week or so, but most kids will slack off soon enough and the responsibility will fall on your laps. You are considered to be the owner because you are over the age of 21. If your kids do not walk Rex, then it is up to you that it gets done. As much as we talk to our kids about responsibility and as much as they agree to care for your new dog, we all know that sooner or later most kids will lose interest or get tired.

If you can positively answer these questions and concerns, then you may be ready to adopt Rex.
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