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  Donations are the foundation of Underdog ResQ. Time and financial help from individuals like you are what started the organization and are what keep us moving forward. Our wish list is below.

Monetary Donations:
Every dollar counts. Without your donation we would not have been able to rescue a single dog and we will not be able to rescue dogs in the future.

See our Volunteer page to find out how valuable your time can be to Underdog ResQ.

Order Underdog ResQ Products:
Underdog ResQ now has products for sale online. Currently our products consist of high quality hats and t-shirts, but with time we plan to add more items. You can pay via PayPal immediately or by personal check. It's a great way to show your support!

Donate Items:
Underdog ResQ attends many pet events in which we hold raffles. Donating items such as gift certificates to stores and restaurants or tickets to popular shows and sporting events will help us raise money. Brand new dog accessories can also be used for raffle baskets.

Other Ways:
If you don't have the time or money to donate, there are numerous other ways you can help us. Other donations have ranged from web design to advertising space to referring potential foster homes to our group. Any types of discounts (kennels, food, supplies) are a huge help as well. Use your imagination; there are always ways in which anyone and everyone can help.

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