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We hope you consider fostering for Underdog ResQ!  We assist animal shelters, animal hospitals that board strays for limited periods, animal control agencies and some owners in distress with dogs they are unable to place due to lack of resources, time, dog's inability to cope in a shelter environment and space limitations.

Foster Parent Volunteer Position Description:  Now seeking foster homes in New England, Tri States and South Carolina. 

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What is a foster home?
A foster home is a temporary home in which dogs can live like they are supposed to live – as our companions living among a pack and under a leader, caretaker and companion (your family) – until they are adopted. Although shelters strive to make their environments a safe and comfortable haven, it cannot replace a family. A foster parent gives the same care that a responsible and loving owner would provide. Foster parents are responsible for the safety and care of the dog. A foster family provides playtime, socialization, nutritious food, plenty of exercise, training and companionship. Foster parents play a large role in making the dog more adoptable while he is in their home, and helps determine what type of home would be the best match for the dog.

Why is foster care so important to Underdog ResQ?
Underdog relies heavily on foster homes since we do not have a brick and mortar shelter. Foster homes are an absolute necessity in obtaining Underdog’s mission. Through their foster experiences, our foster parents help to educate hundreds of people about responsible dog ownership and common breed misconceptions. Foster parents become part of the solution while having a great time along the way.

The number of dogs Underdog can admit depends on the number of foster homes available.

What is the foster parents’ financial responsibility?
Foster families provide food, treats, accessories and toys in addition to training, companionship and a happy household. And, of course, plenty of love…which is priceless!

We request that you purchase an ID tag with your name & phone number only so that it can be used for your next foster dog. Customized ID tags can be purchased at most large pet stores like Petco and Petsmart.

If available, we will lend foster homes a crate appropriate for that dog.

Underdog ResQ will pay for the medical bills – read more information about this later in this document. Heartworm and flea prevention appropriate for the foster dog will be mailed to the foster parents.

What is involved in becoming a foster parent?
  • Complete the foster application. The application can be found on this web site.

  • An Underdog ResQ representative will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your application.

  • After learning more about you and your lifestyle, a representative will set up a time that is convenient for a home visit and an orientation with a director or trained volunteer. During this orientation we will answer all of your questions but ask you to read the information we send to you first.

  • You will then be matched with an appropriate dog. Having you on board will allow us to save yet another dog!

  • Please keep in mind that getting dogs out of shelters often requires urgency on our part to pull the dog from the shelter immediately. Also, there are times that we match you with a dog but the shelter adopts the dog or returns the dog back to the owner. We cannot guarantee that each admission will be a smooth journey since we do not have full control of this process.

  • Underdog ResQ supplies full support to its foster parents through consultation and educational materials.

How does Underdog ResQ decide which dogs to admit?
Underdog ResQ focuses on rescuing good and adoptable dogs found in animal shelters and hospitals. Some animal hospitals board stray dogs for their town but do not have adoption programs. They rely on rescues and other shelters to assist in placement or else the dog will most likely be euthanized. Some Animal Control agencies do not have adoption programs or do not have a way to advertise their dogs.

An experienced and trained director or volunteer performs a temperament evaluation that tests the dog with food, other dogs, toys, etc. to make sure that they do not show any possessive or aggressive traits. Dogs that illustrate aggressive and possessive behaviors during the behavior evaluation are not admitted. Dogs with bite histories are also not admitted.

Underdog ResQ strives to rescue good dogs regardless of breed or age.

What is the average foster time period per dog?
This all relies on the type of dog you have, the number of restrictions on a family match (for example, a dog that can only go to an adult home may take longer to adopt depending on the type of dog), the health of the dog and the breed of the dog.

We ask that all foster parents make a commitment to be the caretaker for the dog until he/she gets adopted since foster homes are limited and back-up foster homes are rare.

Does Underdog ResQ guarantee the behavior of the dog in the foster home?
It is impossible to guarantee the behavior of the dog. Although temperament evaluations have greatly improved the way shelters and rescue organizations choose adoptable animals, it is not a perfect system. One reason is because the dog’s personality may change once he is comfortable in a home environment. With confidence sometimes comes behaviors we may not have seen during the evaluation.

Most underdogs were found as strays. They do not have histories beyond their stay at the shelter. We must rely on the information given to us by the shelter staff and the information we gather during the evaluation.

Can Underdog ResQ guarantee that the dog is housebroken?
Again, most underdogs are found as strays. They do not have histories beyond their stay at the shelter. We must rely on the information given to us by staff and the information we gather during the evaluation.

Some shelters are unable to take the dogs out for regular walks. This may confuse the dog and make him think it is okay to go to the bathroom inside. Even if the dog is housebroken, accidents should be expected while you get him used to your schedule. Crate training is HIGHLY recommended and should be started from day one of getting your foster dogs. Crate training information will be included in your foster packet.

Underdog relies on foster families to build a history for the dog and share that information with Underdog and adoption candidates. The information you share with us will also help us write a descriptive profile to advertise your foster dog.

What kind of medical care do you provide to your dogs?
The majority of dogs found in the aforementioned situations have received little or no veterinary care. They are often not spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots, or micro-chipped. Underdog ResQ makes sure that they receive all of these basic procedures as well as heartworm testing, bloodwork, and parasite prevention. In fact, Underdog ResQ believes that no dog should be denied the care or treatment that it needs. The organization has paid for countless dentals, extractions, orthopedic surgeries, ultrasounds, and x-rays. The organization also takes on additional costs like training, rehabilitation, and boarding.

Underdog ResQ will supply you with heartworm pills and flea prevention during the appropriate seasons.

Will Underdog ResQ allow foster parents to adopt their foster dog?
If we think the dog we have placed in your foster home is a good match for your lifestyle and family, we will gladly accept your adoption request. The adoption fee will be discounted depending on the amount of dogs you have fostered successfully with Underdog ResQ. First time foster flunkies do not get a discount.

Do I get to choose my foster dog?
Most foster parents will accept any foster dog that is in need of rescue as long as they are a match for their household. Making the right foster match is as important to us as making the right adoption match. We want foster parents to have a wonderful and rewarding foster experience!

With that said, the more restrictions you have on the type of foster dog you will accept, the longer you may have to wait for a match. Underdog requests your patience. Although there are many dogs in need of rescue, not all are matches for every household.

We will always be able to fill a Pit Bull friendly foster home no matter where you live!

How will being a foster parent benefit you?
Okay, so we have told you how being a foster home will benefit the ResQ group and the dog – what about you? Here are just some of the ways that you will benefit from fostering a dog:
  • You can have pride in knowing that you have played an active role in saving a dog. All of the dogs that we admit into Underdog ResQ would have otherwise been euthanized. So, you can honestly say that you have saved that dog and every dog that you will foster.

  • For those of you who are considering dog adoption, fostering can help you decide if this is the lifestyle you can commit to for 15 years. It can also help you decide what breed and age best fits your lifestyle.

  • Foster parents will benefit from the knowledge and experience of the Underdog ResQ officers. We will act as your support system in the process and will continue to share new ideas and training skills.

  • Volunteers who foster a variety of underdogs tend to be better pet parents. Foster parents learn a lot about dogs and how to work with a variety of different personalities and behaviors.
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