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'For the Love of Rescues' - purchase a calendar and help support Underdog ResQ!
Chrisi Sage started this web site to sell calendars of wonderful rescue dogs. She is doing free fundrasing for rescue groups. Purchase a calendar to help benefit you favorite local rescue group - Underdog ResQ. :) See her wonderful photos while supporting us!!!

How to be the Leader of the Pack by Patricia McConnell
The Other End of the Leash shares a revolutionary, new perspective on our relationship with dogs, focusing on our behavior in comparison with that of dogs.

Author Patricia McConnell's doctorate is in Zoology; her field of expertise is human/animal relationships. She is an expert on dog behavior and communication between humans and dogs.

The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell
The Other End of the Leash shares a revolutionary, new perspective on our relationship with dogs, focusing on our behavior in comparison with that of dogs.

All Dog Rescue
All Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of Massachusetts regional dogs in need and matching each with appropriate and responsible owners.

American Airlines
American Airlines kindly sponsored Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

American Dog’s Trainer Network
This web site provides lots of information about training your dog.

American Pit Bull Registry
This site is designed to help you, the public, learn more about Pit Bulls and provide insight to understanding the heritage and importance of the breed. This site will also help you learn ways to help the American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ) breed overcome the negative stigma it holds, reduce the number of unnecessary euthanaisas of this breed in pounds and shelters, and help you understand how to gain more value and pride for the American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ) as a whole.

Bark Plaza Spa
It's a dog eat dog world out there and dogs deserve to have a relaxing day when they need a service. Whether you're here for grooming or to shop, we'll make sure your family feels good about choosing us!!

Becoming the Leader of Your pack
This web site explains how you can become the leader of your pack.

Bette Yip Training and Pet Portraits
Building better bonds between pets and people through respect, understanding and communication. Training & Pet Portraits

Boru Vodka
Boru Vodka generously sponsored Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ! Thanks Boru!

Vodka. It should be pure. Authentic and direct. Enjoyed with dignity. Sadly, this noble drink has been tainted by trendy brands posing pretty people holding pretty cocktails in pretty places. What happened to real vodka for real people?

Boxer Buddies Rescue
BOXER BUDDIES RESCUE, INC. is a NON-PROFIT Boxer Dog Rescue Organization, dedicated to rescuing Boxers in need. We provide foster homes, rescue education, adoption information, and much more to Boxers, Boxer lovers, and also to those who can no longer care for their dogs.

Canvas on Demand
Have a digital camera or scanned photo? It’s fast and easy to upload your photo to Canvas On Demand. Click the “order your canvas” button and we’ll walk you through the upload process. Your finished canvas will ship within 4-5 business days from the time the image is uploaded.

Castle Brands, Inc.
Castel Brands, Inc. generously donated a silent auction item for Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

As one of the few small public companies in the global beverage alcohol industry, our mission is to develop and grow our current portfolio of premium brands and to complement these brands through a combination of acquisitions, agency relationships and new product development. We position our brands in the high-end segments of leading internationally recognized product categories.

Cat Sleuth
We know dogs are not the most popular pets in the US! Cats win that competition. Check out this web site if you are having problems with the cats in your life or if you need a cat sitter in the NYC area.

Cattie Coyle Pet Photography
I like to spend a little time getting to know both you and your pet when we first meet so that he/she is comfortable having me around and I get to know him/her a bit. I also love to hear about your pet's personality, and any cute, quirky or funny stories about him/her you might have.

City of Boston Animal Shelter
Adopt a pet from the City of Boston Animal Shelter! They have dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages, cats and small animals available for adoption.

Dav EL Chauffeured Transportation Network
Dav EL Chauffeured Transportation Network generously donated to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ.

Transportation Network. We respect what makes you unique and tailor our services to satisfy your comfort, your safety, and your peace of mind.

Dog Breed Information
Find breed information on practically every breed. They discuss their temperament, health issues, owner suitability and more.

Dog Public.com
DogPublic.com strives to be the online destination for dog parents, new puppy
owners and future dog owners. We've only been live for a short time
however we have had great success and 100,000s of visitors already

Dog-Friendly Training
Alana Stevenson is a certified canine behavior counselor and trainer in the Boston area. She is available for behavioral consultations, private lessons and phone consultations.

Doggy Tales - NJ Dog Trainers
Joshua Cederbaum, owner of Doggy Tails Training preaches and practices positive training methods and has offered his expert advice to Underdog ResQ. He has a great dedication to dogs in the animal shelter and rescue community Thank you Josh for helping the underdogs.

Dot's Doggie Dojo
Welcome to Dot’s Doggie Dojo: people and dog friendly training. Serving all of greater Boston with fun and effective methods for any type of dog or behavior issue: just remember that there is no such thing as a bad dog, only a communication failure. Services include group classes and private lessons for you and your family pet. Using positive techniques to enhance your dog to human bond.

Find Pets Boston
A free service helping people find lost pets.

Four Preppy Paws
An online boutique selling designer pet accessories, unique dog collars, ribbon leashes, designer ribbon belts for owners, all-natural dog treats and snacks, gifts for pets and much, much more.

The designer, Heidi, has helped Underdog ResQ by donating money from her sales. Buy something you love from someone that really cares about animals.

Francesca Simon-Carboni Photography
Francesca volunteers her talent as a photographer to capture the beauty in our underdogs to help promote their adoption.

Francesca started her life in New Jersey, moved to New England in her late teens, settled in Boston, MA and found home. Along the way she created an interesting resume, crossing the worlds of scientific research, education, sales, and investor services. But the main constant in her life has been her love of photography.
Specializing in event photography, Francesca enjoys photographing weddings, baby showers, and graduations. However she also relishes capturing the quiet moments, a newborn coming home, a couples engagement and just a day in the life. Whether a big event or a portrait session she brings her personality and love of capturing the best in people to every shoot.
When not worrying about balancing her practical notions and lofty goals, she tries to get as much sleep as humanly possible, spend time with her wonderful husband, Kevin, train for her next belt in Jiu Jitsu and hang out with her cat, Dorian.

German Shepherd Rescue of New England
Providing rescue and adoption services for German Shepherd Dogs throughout New England. This web site provides information about the breed.

Giveline.com lets you shop for many great items and will donate a portion of your purchase directly to Underdog ResQ.

Good Dog Art
Seattle artist Nanc y Schutt paints dog portraits in playful, colorful, and personal environments.

Green Mountain Pug Rescue
Green Mountain Pug Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non profit rescue group of volunteers within Vermont here to help pugs.

Greyhound Friends
Greyhound Friends is a small, non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the plight of racing greyhounds and finding loving and responsible homes for these magnificent creatures.

Hallie's Comet
Hallie's Comet made kindly donated to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

I've been designing and making jewelry since I was 11 years old- taking apart my mother's old, ugly jewelry and making it into something that in my 11 year old mind was "really cool". I graduated with a Fine Arts Degree, which for 4 years satisfied my love of all things artistic. In order to satisfy my love of all things shoe and skin-care related, I needed to supplement my income. So, in 1998, Hallie's Comet was born in a basement-where most small businesses spring to life, and my childhood aspirations bloomed again. Soon, I began selling my jewelry to family, friends, and people who owed me favors. From there, things grew. Before I knew it, it wasn't just obligated loved ones buying my jewelry, but strangers with great taste, elegant brides, and gallery owners. Now this!

Hot Water Rescue
A rescue group against breed prejudice. Adopt a dog here.

House Rabbit Network
Specializing in Rabbit Education and Adoption in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

How to Fit a Prong Collar
Learn how to properly fit a prong collar on your dog before using one.

In Home Pet Services, NY
In Home Pet Services provides low-cost dog walking services to NY owners in the Queens area. Underdog ResQ foster homes use their services and highly recommend them! Not only do they provide a discount for foster dogs but they even help them get adopted! Check them out if you are a dog owner that lives in Queens, NY!

It Happened to Alexa Foundation
The purpose of the It Happened to Alexa Foundation is to help support rape survivors through the trauma of the criminal trial, in the hopes that more survivors will go through with the
prosecution in order to put these perpetrators behind bars.

Established in 2003, the foundation assists rape victims’ families with
travel expenses during the litigation process and is the only organization
of its kind in the United States.

Alexa is the niece of an Underdog ResQ supporter and friend.

Jewelry Designer
Handcrafted original jewelry using organic elements like feathers, wood,
pearls and bone mixed with semi-precious metals, vintage and recycled

Jurys Boston Hotel
Jurys Boston Hotel generously donated a raffle item for Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

Welcome to the official brand website of Jurys Doyle Hotel Group
Whether you are travelling on business or for pleasure, seeking 4 or 5 star luxury, Jurys Doyle Hotels have a hotel to suit.

LaMuse Photo
Portraiture is an art. To capture a moment in time; to capture the true personality and spirit of the sitter. La Muse Photography is a new approach to this discipline. In-the-moment portraiture that lets your beauty and individuality shine.

Dana has been gracious enough to donate her talent and skills to Underdog ResQ's first event.

Lisa Patnaude Pet Photography
Lisa volunteers her talent as a pet photographer to capture our underdog's unique personalities and help our underdogs get adopted. She volunteers with several animal rescues and has a passion for photography and animals.

Massachusetts Animal Coalition
MAC is a statewide, not-for-profit organization of animal professionals. It was formed in February of 2000 to help promote collaboration among animal care professionals. By joining together, MAC members have created strong alliances and developed new programs and initiatives. Ever increasing numbers of Massachusetts animals have benefited from this cooperation.

Mid-Hudson Animal Aid
Underdog ResQ cares about all animals and we understand that there is a huge cat overpopulation. Please adopt a homeless cat! This shelter in New York has over 150 wonderful cats to choose from. Go for a visit - it is a cool cat shelter to visit.

Mitten and Mitten
Ann and Beth have some really cool pet and people accesories! Check out their site! They have donated their awesome accessories to Underdog ResQ to use for silent auctions at events. Aren't they great?

Naturally Jack
Naturally Jack generously sponsored Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

Naturally, jack is your home for healthy dog treats. we only use human grade ingredients purchased from local farmers markets and grocery stores. there are no artificial colors, added salts, sugars or flours of any kind. when you give your dog a treat from naturally, jack, you know it is not only great tasting, but healthy for your dog as well. our treats are great for dogs with allergies.

NBC Universal
NBC Universal made a generous donation towards Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

NBC Universal is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience.

New Hampshire SPCA
The New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a community resource center bringing animals and people together. They provide adoption, education, investigation and sheltering services in a professional and compassionate way.

Northeast Rottweiler Rescue
North East Rottweiler Rescue and Referral Inc. extends its services to animal shelters, veterinary hospitals and the general public in an effort to raise public awareness of responsible Rottweiler ownership.

Pet Rescue New England

This group is designed to provide an alternative to surrendering your pets to overcrowded, underfunded, and overwhelmed animal shelters, and to save them from unnecessary euthanasia.

If you have a pet that you are no longer able to care for the way they need and deserve, please post a description for potential adoptive owners (including your location and how far you would be willing to travel to help your pet reach their new home).

Petfinder.com is the best resource to find your new pet. Here you will find hundreds of animal shelters and rescue groups - including us!

Next time, bring the whole family on vacation. Home to over 5,400 pet friendly vacation rentals, homes, cabins and Bed and Breakfasts!

Pit Bull Rescue Central
Visit Pit Bull Rescue Central to find out more about the breed, their traits and more. Hundreds of shelters throughout the United States post pictures and profiles of their Pit Bulls here - including us!

Play it Again Sports
Play it Again Sports made a generous donation to Underdog ResQ's Urban BBQ!

Prima Donna Gifts - Boston
Prima Donna made a generous donation to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

Accessories, Clothing, Toys, and more for Women, Men, Children, and Dogs

Rock City Body - Boston
Rock City Body kindly donated to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

Rock City Body is Allston's neighborhood Pilates studio and fitness community, and 2005 winner of Boston Main Streets Best Businness in Allston.

We offer private Pilates training, Mat & Reformer Pilates classes, Yoga, Dance and Martial Arts classes taught by highly qualified instructors in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

Rubi Cat Pet Photography
I provide design and photography services for small businesses and organizations on a budget. Whether it's print or Web design, photography, or copyediting, I am here to make your life easier. I believe that good graphic design does not need to take over your budget, and I am committed to ensuring that your logo and design projects are a pleasant experience for you.

Salon Euphoria - Boston
Salon Euphoria kindly donated to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

Salon Euphoria is a boutique salon which provides an intimate setting that caters to your individual needs.

Sam Adams
Jim Koch founded The Boston Beer Company in 1984 because he believed that Americans deserved better beer. Today, we’re a team of about 350 people, and we all share a common passion for bringing great Samuel Adams® beers to beer lovers everywhere.

Sam Adams generously sponsored Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ, Thanks Sam Adams!

Save A Dog
Save A Dog, Inc. is an all-volunteer dog rescue organization. We take in dogs from shelters and foster them in our homes. Our specialty is temperament-tested, friendly dogs.

Sea Glass Things
Sea Glass Things kindly donated to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

All things sea glass - recycled baubles - inspired from the ocean - for your wardrobe and home. Always authentic, always handmade and always creating something new!

Spa Christine - Boston
Spa Christine made a generous donation to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

Their mission is simple and clear - customer service first and foremost! The decor is inspired by Old Hollywood glamour. No detail has been overlooked.

Located on the corner of East Broadway & K Streets, Spa Christine is the formidable Grand Dame of the Souh Boston neighborhood. Surrounded by the Atlantic on 3 sides, South Boston is a wonderful old Boston neighborhood with a unique balance of old and new. The East Broadway shopping district is bustling with shops and restaurants.

Spa Christine - Boston
Spa Christine made a generous donation to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

Their mission is simple and clear - customer service first and foremost! The decor is inspired by Old Hollywood glamour. No detail has been overlooked.

Located on the corner of East Broadway & K Streets, Spa Christine is the formidable Grand Dame of the Souh Boston neighborhood. Surrounded by the Atlantic on 3 sides, South Boston is a wonderful old Boston neighborhood with a unique balance of old and new. The East Broadway shopping district is bustling with shops and restaurants.

Stay Vocal
Stay Vocal created our Underdog ResQ stickers and donates a portion of their sales directly to us. You can find more great reused and reusable items on their website, www.stayvocal.com. Here is a description from the website:

Our mission is to encourage people to reuse whenever and wherever possible. By reusing, we are helping to preserve and protect our planet's precious resources. This is a top priority for every one of us.

Just by the simple task of reusing, you're making positive change. In fact, it's even better than recycling, because it's offering the benefit of having materials be reused, without the energy expended to recycle them into new products.

The Dogfather - Boston
The Dogfather made a generous donation for Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

The Dogfather is committed to providing
the Absolute Best in Pet Care,
Grooming and Products.

The Pawsitive Dog Training
If you're looking for dog training, you've come to the right place. We are a small, personalized, full-time, full-service training facility. We are not groomers, dog walkers, pet sitters or day care providers. For over a decade, we've helped thousands of dogs and their owners develop enjoyable lifelong partnerships and we look forward to helping you, too.

The Pet Cabaret
The Pet Cabaret specializes in natural and organic pet foods and treats. They also have everything you need to shop for your new dog (cats, small animals and birds too). It's an adorable store in Roslindale Village, MA run by very knowledgeable and friendly owners.

The Rottweiler Connection
TRC was formed in 2002 as a collaborative effort between concerned rottweiler owners and enthusiasts in New England and New Jersey in an effort to rehome GOOD rottweilers to deserving homes

The South End Buttery
The South End Buttery made a generous donation to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

South End Buttery also offers full service catering for lunch and dinner platters and cocktail or dinner parties in your home or office, including:

-- customized menus to suit your needs and budget
-- chef and wait staff
-- china, glassware, linens and other rentals
-- bar services

Working with your needs, we offer a diverse selection of options, from breakfast, lunch and party platters, passed or stationary hors d’oeuvres and desserts to complete dinners and children’s birthday parties. Please give us an idea of the concept for your next meeting or event and we will call you to discuss how we can help satisfy your needs!

The Wine Emporium
The Wine Emporium generously donated to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

In Boston 's South End, you will find The Wine Emporium, with two convenient locations, 607 Tremont Street, at the corner of Dartmouth Street, and 474 Columbus Avenue, at the corner of West Newton Street. We are two full-service adult beverage stores that have been serving the South End community for over 40 years.

Training for dogs and their people
Find a wealth of information on training, dog behavior and much more. This is a great website for those of you that need some advise with training and any behavior issues.

Wine Country Gift Baskets
Distinctive Personal and Corporate Gifts - This company is way out in California yet donated a few baskets to our first event for silent auctions. What a great company!

Wine Gallery
Friends of Underdog ResQ through the kindness of donation, the Wine Gallery has rescued a dog of their own.

Wired Originals
Wired Original kindly donated to Underdog ResQ's 2008 Urban BBQ!

I like to describe my pieces as "unordinary jewelry for everyday wear" - jewelry that goes equally well with that little cocktail dress or your favorite pair of faded blue jeans. I make each loop, dangle, clasp and wrap entirely by hand. Like many wire artists, I never use glue or flimsy jump rings in my designs.

Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue
YGRR is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization which provides veterinary care and permanent new homes for Golden Retrievers from the six New England states. They also provide a list of rescue group contacts for practically every breed.

Your Purebred Puppy
Find breed information on 180 different breeds. They discuss their temperament, health issues, owner suitability and more.

Zen Dog Training
Gordon Fontaine is a SPCA certified dog trainer who uses simple and effective methods to help correct you dog's bad habits. Underdog ResQ has used his services for one of our foster homes and have been thrilled with the results.

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